Keeps Your HVAC Equipment Working at Peak Efficiency

why service plan west virginiaYour HVAC system contains the most vital — and expensive — equipment in your home. Well-functioning heating and cooling systems guarantee your family’s comfort and safety. Whether it’s the dead of winter or the hottest month of the year, you want to be confident in their performance.

At Roach Energy, we can help you keep your eastern Panhandle home’s HVAC equipment running efficiently. We offer the best guarantee for its performance with our affordable, comprehensive service plans.

Benefits of Yearly Tune-Ups

When you get proper annual maintenance for your equipment, you enjoy a range of benefits that more than outweigh the cost of a tune-up. When you schedule yearly service:

  • Your system runs more efficiently, using less energy.
  • Your equipment’s lifespan becomes longer, putting off a pricy replacement.
  • Our diligent service technicians will catch and fix smaller system problems before they require expensive repairs.
  • Many people aren’t aware that their equipment’s warranty requires them to get regular maintenance. If you skip a tune-up and your equipment breaks down, you might be on the hook for a repair that the manufacturer normally covers.

Enjoy Optimal Peace of Mind with a Service Plan

Roach Energy offers a range of flexible and affordable service plans for your heating and cooling systems, covering oil-fired, gas-fired, and air conditioning systems.

With a Roach Energy service plan, you receive:

  • annual tune-up coverage
  • discounted or free replacement of parts
  • priority service
  • account credits for consecutive years of enrollment

Our technicians can talk you through our different coverage options and help you find the best plan for your home and family. The free annual tune-up by itself is worth the cost of a service plan. And you can enjoy lower fuel and electric bills for years to come from more efficient equipment, plus the confidence of knowing that your heating and A/C are much less likely to break down.

We’d love to speak with you about our comprehensive service plan coverage. Drop us a line today and set up an appointment to look at your equipment.

The Charm of a Wood Fire With Precise Heat Control & No Cleanup

gas fireplaces west virginiaDo you have a fireplace that does nothing except let wind into your living space? Could one of the rooms in your home use some dynamic décor that also provides warmth in cooler months?

At Roach Energy, we have a solution that offers the ambiance of a wood fire year-round, without maintenance or clean-up. We now sell and install SimpliFire electric fireplaces. Whether you have an existing hearth or an empty wall, there’s a perfect product for your eastern Panhandle home. These fireplaces have a sleek, modern look and offer precise heating when needed.

Put Your Drafty Fireplace to Good Use

If you want to transform your old, dusty fireplace into a contemporary, vibrant centerpiece, we have two options for you:

SimpliFire Electric Insert

This product goes into any fireplace opening with a surround kit or any framed opening with the self-trimming design. It operates for almost no cost, providing heat in the winter and atmosphere in warmer months.

SimpliFire Built-In Electric Fireplace

This product has four flame intensity levels, a detailed masonry-style interior, and a textured log set. It also provides 100 percent efficient and adjustable heat settings of 4,800 or 10,000 Btus.

Alluring Atmosphere In Your Favorite Spot

No fireplace in your home? That’s not a problem!

Many SimpliFire products install neatly into walls and along floors, with either flush or recessed placement. All have heating capabilities.

  • SimpliFire Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace offers a distinctly contemporary look, providing an instant upgrade to any space. Just hang these units on the wall and plug them in. They emit multi-colored LED backlighting to accent any décor.
  • SimpliFire Allusion Electric Fireplace (and Allusion Platinum) series is sleek and modern. It combines linear proportions with 14 customizable flame and ember bed LED lighting themes. Allusion models can be fully or partially recessed or hung on the wall.
  • SimpliFire Scion Electric Fireplace brings finishing materials up to the edge: crystal glass, driftwood logs, LED flames and multi-colored embers. It creates luminous warmth and coziness without gas lines or venting. Scion gives the sensation of dancing flames before your eyes.
  • SimpliFire Scion Trinity Electric Fireplace takes Scion’s modern, stylish look and enhances it from every angle. These three-sided, corner or single-sided configurations create breathtaking ambiance.
  • SimpliFire Format Electric Fireplace gives any space an instant design centerpiece. This model features a wall-mount electric fireplace and floating mantel — at once minimalist and dazzling, with colored accent lighting, clear crystals and ShadowGlo™ Alpine Timber logs.

With a SimpliFire product, your home will never be without a cozy, captivating fire. Contact us today to get an estimate.

Our Budget Plan Cuts Your Heating Season Expenses in Half!

fuel payment options west virginiaIt’s perhaps unsurprising that we have received a lot of phone calls from customers concerned about the increase in heating oil and propane prices. We understand how stressful this situation is for you. It’s stressful for us too.

We hope you understand that we do not make more money when energy prices rise. We make less. Customers cut back on usage and have trouble paying their bills. Meanwhile, we must pay our suppliers within 10 days and borrow more from the bank. It is an awful mess for everyone.

Hopefully, this spike in prices will end soon. Please know that we’re always working to make these volatile economic times less painful for you. One thing we strongly encourage you to do is enroll in our monthly payment plan.

How Our Payment Plan Works

With our monthly payment plan, you do not pay for your fuel at the time of delivery. Instead, we calculate how much fuel you will likely use over the year and spread your costs across 11 regular, predictable monthly installments.

The monthly payment plan is available for both heating oil and propane customers.

Benefits of Our Payment Plan

The most crucial benefit of this program is that it shields you from fluctuations in fuel billing. You avoid getting hit with several large delivery bills right before and after the holidays. When you divide your payments evenly, your winter expenses are cut in half.

Our monthly payment plan also removes uncertainty from your household spending. You don’t have to worry about how much your next delivery invoice will cost — you pay the same amount each month.

Finally, if the actual cost of the fuel you use is higher or lower than what we estimated, we’ll adjust your plan accordingly. You will only pay the cost of the fuel you received at the market price on the days it was delivered — not a dime more.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this program. Almost every customer who participates likes it much better than paying in full for each delivery, especially with fuel prices so high. Contact us today to enroll.

These Tips Can Lower Your Cooling Bills

home efficiency tips west virginiaWith prices surging on everything from bacon to rental cars, we’re all looking for ways to save a little cash.

Unfortunately, the price of electricity is rising along with virtually all energy costs. If you’re dreading the energy bills that come with cooling your home, we can help you out. At Roach Energy, we have 70 years of experience helping eastern West Virginia families stay comfortable for less.

Here are 5 tips to reduce your energy use — and save money — this summer!

Put Your Hot Water on Vacation

Believe it or not, water heating accounts for 20 percent of the average home’s energy costs. And your water heater doesn’t know when you’re on vacation. If you are leaving the house for a few days, set your water heater to a vacation setting. If it doesn’t have one, turn the temperature dial to between 50 and 70 degrees.

Be Smarter with Your Thermostat

Air conditioning is a marvel of modern life, but there’s no need to cool down a house with no one is in it. With a programmable thermostat, you can set your home temperature to 85 degrees at the times you know you’re out of the house. You’ll be amazed how much money you save when you aren’t cooling an empty house.

Want even more savings? Invest in a smart thermostat that learns when you’re away and makes energy-saving adjustments for you!

Keep the Cool Air Moving

Want to get the most out of your A/C? Run your ceiling fan along with it. This will keep the cool air circulating through your living space. You might even find you don’t need to set your thermostat quite so low when the fans are spinning. That’s great for your bottom line.

Turn Up Your Fridge Temperature

Much like your water heater, your refrigerator can be adjusted if you’ll be away on vacation. Your food will still be safe to eat with a fridge set to 42 degrees and a freezer set to 5 degrees.

Tune Up Your HVAC Equipment

The best way to save serious money on your home energy bills this summer is by ensuring that your air conditioning equipment is working at peak efficiency. Efficient cooling systems cycle less often, which lowers your electricity bills.

The friendly HVAC experts at Roach Energy will ensure your equipment is working efficiently. They can also catch lingering issues before they turn into expensive repairs.

If you’re ready to have your current equipment tuned up — or you’re in the market for new energy-efficient appliances — contact us today. We’re ready to help!

Practical Tips to Keep Your Home Cool & Energy Bills Low

efficient a/c west virginiaIn the blink of an eye, that pleasantly warm Eastern Panhandle weather can turn sweltering hot. Is your air conditioning equipment up to the task?

Home cooling equipment can lose up to 30 percent of its efficiency after a decade of use. If your A/C is struggling, you might notice warm spots throughout your home, odors coming from your vents, deteriorating indoor air quality, and your energy bills going through the roof.

Luckily, there are some steps you can take to improve your cooling system’s efficiency. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can call in the friendly HVAC experts at Roach Energy.

A/C Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

You can fix many causes of inefficient home cooling on your own. Simple, inexpensive in-home HVAC maintenance can do wonders for your electricity costs and comfort. Here are four easy home A/C fixes.

Check your air filter — When your filters are clogged, it stifles airflow and forces your A/C to run longer. Check your filter every three months or monthly if you have a pet.

Inspect your vents — Make sure your vents aren’t obstructed by dust, debris, rugs or furniture. An unobstructed vent means a cooler living space.

Clear your condenser — Your outdoor condenser unit needs to be clear of leaves, branches and refuse. There’s a good chance these collected in the winter. Clear them away and make sure there’s no damage to your condenser.

Invest in a smart thermostat — Your A/C might be working overtime when you’re asleep or not at home. A smart thermostat will turn off your cooling system when no one’s home, saving money on your electricity bills and reducing HVAC wear and tear.

Call in the Pros at Roach Energy

While there’s a lot you can do by yourself to keep your A/C humming efficiently, sometimes you need help from professionals. That’s where Roach Energy can help!

Our expert technicians have extensive experience with both central air systems and mini-split ductless equipment. It’s a good idea to get a tune-up annually, and our team can get your equipment working at peak efficiency. And if it’s time to retire your old cooling system, we can help you find a new A/C solution tailored to your home’s needs. We install and service systems from leading manufacturers like Carrier, Trane and Luxaire.

We also recommend getting an A/C Service Plan for your existing equipment or anything we install. With this coverage, your cooling system receives free annual service and primary service coverage; plus, you can save money on repairs.

With Roach Energy as your partner, your home can stay cool and comfortable all summer long. Contact us today to arrange a service appointment.

You Can Save Up to $500 on a Propane-Fired

water heaters west virginiaThe average water heater lasts about eight to 12 years, so homeowners can expect to replace theirs at least once — probably multiple times.

Ever since tankless water heaters gained popularity in the 1990s, people have debated whether it’s worth replacing a traditional water heater with a tankless model. This can be a difficult choice since tankless water heaters are generally more expensive and require a more complex installation.

Even so, going tankless is an excellent decision for your budget and quality of life. As a bonus, Roach Energy is offering eastern Panhandle households some stellar discounts to make the change!

How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?

The combination of propane power and tankless technology gives families access to instant hot water on demand.

A propane tankless water heater uses a flame that is so intense that it does not require the continual heating of water in a tank. Once you turn on a faucet, a flow sensor activates the propane burner to heat your water. This heat keeps coming until you shut off the faucet and the burner turns off.

This produces a hot water flow rate of approximately 222 gallons per hour. That’s over three times the delivery rate of a 50-gallon electric storage tank water heater!

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Propane tankless water heaters are becoming more popular because they reliably, conveniently, and efficiently produce huge amounts of hot water. That means no more waiting for a tank to refill so you can take a comfortable shower.

They’re also fantastic for your home energy budget. Consumer Reports recently ran the numbers and found that propane-fired tankless water heaters are approximately 22% more efficient than traditional storage tank models. The reason is that tankless units eliminate standby energy loss. In storage tank systems, unused water in the tank is reheated, which leads to wasted fuel use.

Conversely, tankless systems heat water on demand. This requires a lot of energy when the water is on, but those standby savings more than make up for it. In fact, changing to a tankless model can reduce your water-heating costs by 50 percent.

Need some more benefits? A tankless water heater is more compact and has a longer lifespan – up to 20 years!

Save Up to $500 on a New Tankless Water Heater

If you’re still on the fence about tankless water heaters, there’s one more thing to recommend them. You don’t need to wait to enjoy the savings that a propane-fired tankless water heater provides. For a limited time, Roach Energy, in partnership with two top retailers, is offering the following specials:

  • Save up to $500 when you install an AO Smith tankless water heater
  • Save up to $100 when you install a tankless water heater from Rinnai

Don’t wait! You must take advantage of these specials by December 31st. Additionally, the earlier you contact us, the better. It’s much easier to secure equipment and arrange installation in advance than rush an emergency replacement when your old heater breaks down.

The experts at Roach Energy can help you find the perfect water heater for your home. Contact us today!

10 Essential Propane Grill Safety Tips

grill safety west virginiaIt’s about time to fire up your grill and invite some friends and family over for some al fresco dining. Whether you’re cooking porterhouses or chicken wings, impossible burgers or salmon fillets, propane is an excellent fuel for the job. Clean-burning and super-efficient, it provides even heat without a hint of chemical taste or little clean-up.

If you’re about to fire up the grill for the first time in a while, it’s a good idea to reacquaint yourself with some safety tips for your grill and its propane cylinder.

Propane Cylinder Safely Tips

Liquid propane is an incredibly safe fuel source. Even so, you need to be careful when transporting and storing a propane cylinder. Here are three things to keep in mind:

  • Regardless of whether your cylinder is empty or full, you should transport it upright to minimize the risk of leaking.
  • Pick up your cylinder at the end of your shopping and transport it with two windows open. Don’t leave a cylinder in enclosed spaces, especially when eastern Panhandle temperatures are rising.
  • Store propane cylinders upright, outdoors and away from flammable materials and outdoor appliances.

Safety-Checking Your Propane Grill

The spring is a good time to give your grill a safety check. It only takes a few minutes but ensures a safe and efficient barbecuing experience:

  • Check your venturi tubes for spiders, which can make homes during the winter that cause blockages. Use a bottle brush to clean out the tubes, then reconnect everything and turn on the grill with the grates off. If you see uneven or missing flames, clear blockages with a paperclip after turning off the flames.
  • Run a leak test on your hoses, valves and regulator. Coat them in soapy water and open the propane cylinder. If you see bubbles, there could be a propane leak. Tighten connections and rerun the test. If the bubbles appear, you should replace the hoses or tank.

Staying Safe While Grilling

Nothing beats a flaming propane grill on a beautiful sunny day. We hope you have a great time cooking out, but don’t forget to be safe.

Here are five tips to help keep your cookout worry-free:

  • Before grilling, make sure you have everything you need – like food, sauces, tongs, brushes, etc. Never leave a lit grill unattended.
  • One in five grill fires are caused by leftover grease. Be sure to clean your whole grill regularly, not just the grates.
  • Keep your grill lid open when lighting the flame, then ensure it’s fully lit before closing the lid.
  • Keep your grill in an open-air environment with a level surface. Never grill indoors or in a garage, where dangerous carbon monoxide can accumulate. Also, stay five feet away from house structures, trees, bushes or outdoor furniture.
  • Don’t use your grill if the igniter is broken.

Roach Energy has multiple propane cylinder refill and exchange locations. And if you’re interested in upgrading your home systems and major appliance, contact us today!

8 Signs That You Should Call In A Pro

central air repair west virginiaWe’re well into spring, and hopefully, you and your family are enjoying a little break from extreme temperatures. Even so, summer will arrive in the Eastern Panhandle before you know it.

Is your air conditioning ready for the sweltering summer? If your central air conditioning or ductless mini-split units are getting old, spring is the perfect time to contact the pros at Roach Energy to look at your equipment.

Here are some warning signs that your A/C might not be ready for the heat.

Indicators that Your Cooling System is Struggling

Even a professionally-installed cooling system has a limited lifespan, generally around 12-15 years. Your equipment also loses up to 30 percent efficiency after 10 years of use. You can tell your system is struggling if you detect:

  1. Weak or warm airflow from your vents
  2. Uneven cooling throughout your home
  3. Dust and debris coming from your vents
  4. Odd noises, like grinding, scraping, squealing, popping and rattling
  5. Burnt or musty odors
  6. Fluid leaks
  7. Humidity inside your home
  8. Higher energy bills, even though your usage and electric rates haven’t increased

If you notice any of these eight warning signs, contact us to check out your equipment.

Roach Energy Can Get Your A/C Humming

It’s essential to have your cooling equipment serviced each year to keep it running efficiently and to comply with your manufacturer’s warranty.

Our skilled, friendly HVAC professionals have experience working with central A/C and ductless mini-splits. The maintenance and repair service we provide will have your equipment operating at peak efficiency. Not only will your home be more comfortable, but your electric bills will probably go down since your A/C won’t need to cycle as often.

If your air conditioning is at the end of its lifespan, we can also help you find the best replacement system for your family’s needs and budget.

Finally, the best way to ensure that your cooling system gets regular, comprehensive maintenance is to select one of Roach Energy’s A/C service plans. When your equipment is covered, you’ll receive free annual service and primary service coverage. When there are repairs to be done, you won’t pay a dime for some parts and receive considerable discounts on others. You can also get credits for consecutive years of plan enrollment.

Don’t delay — this is the perfect time to have your A/C equipment serviced. Become a customer today!

Take a moment to check for leaks, damage, and signs of corrosion

oil tanks west virginiaWith warmer weather, longer days and blooming flowers, the last thing you’re thinking about is your home heating system. But now is an excellent time to take a look at your heating oil storage tank.

The average aboveground oil tank lasts about 25 years, while underground tanks last closer to 15 years. Many longtime homeowners have never had to replace their fuel tank, but it’s vital to inspect yours regularly, especially if it’s older.

Aging, damaged or corroded tanks can leak oil, leading to expensive clean-ups and environmental remediations. If your tank isn’t working correctly, your heating bills might increase.

At Roach Energy, we know the warning signs to look for. Here’s how you can tell if your tank needs to be retired.

Is Your Oil Tank Going to Fail?

Corrosion from within is the leading cause of oil tank failure. Water condensation can build up on exposed surfaces inside the tank. Because water is heavier than oil, it settles at the tank bottom, creating an ideal condition for sediment to form. That sediment gives rise to corrosion and, eventually, tank failure.

While you can’t easily see the inside of your oil tank, there are indicators of corrosion that might be visible from the outside:

  • Pinhole leaks
  • Blistering on the underside of the tank
  • Condensation on the outside of the tank after it’s filled

You should also watch for wear or damage to your tank’s legs, vent alarm, fuel gauge, and oil lines.

These are warning signs that you need to call a professional to inspect your tank.

Reach Out to the Professionals at Roach

Since 1952, the expert technicians at Roach Energy have been inspecting, repairing and installing oil tanks throughout Berkeley, Morgan, Jefferson, and Washington counties. We know what to look for and can quickly and accurately assess your tank’s health.

If your oil tank needs to be replaced, our techs can guide you to the perfect model for your home and budget. Modern tank design has seen incredible advances. They are double-walled and virtually leak-proof, and they come in a range of sizes and shapes. We can also assist you in safeguarding your new oil tank with tank protection.

Roach Energy is the most trusted name for heating oil delivery and HVAC equipment service. Contact us today to become a customer.

From Backyard Grills to the Industrial Forklifts!

tank exchange west virginiaHomeowners and businesses throughout the Eastern Panhandle trust Roach Energy to provide fuel for their propane-fired heating systems and appliances.

But even if you don’t rely on us for your home heating, cooking, or hot water, you can still take advantage of our best-in-class propane services. Roach Energy supplies, refills, and exchanges propane cylinders and 100-pound propane tanks at locations throughout West Virginia. Whether you want to jumpstart your warm-weather fun at home or need clean-burning, super-efficient fuel for your business, we have you covered!

Portable Propane for Your Home

Propane is a remarkably versatile energy source, powering a variety of fantastic home amenities. You can enjoy any number of these without a 500-gallon fuel tank on your property.

Probably, the most common propane accessory is the gas grill. A propane cylinder can last more than a month for many home grilling setups. Plus, you don’t need to worry about burning yourself while lighting charcoal or an unpleasant chemical taste on your burgers.

A cylinder or 100-gallon tank can fire other fantastic home amenities, including fire pits, outdoor lights, space heaters, and bug traps!

Powering Businesses with Propane

Propane cylinders aren’t just for the backyard!

Manufacturers, farms, pavers, and construction sites use portable propane canisters to power their forklifts. Because propane is a clean-burning, low-emission fuel, these businesses are safe to use it indoors.

An average-sized cylinder keeps a propane-powered forklift moving for eight hours, and changing out a cylinder is quick and easy. Compare this to electric forklifts, which require an entire shift’s worth of recharging. Also, electric forklifts slow down as their batteries lose juice. Propane-powered forklifts keep moving at full speed until the last drop of fuel burns!

Trust Roach for Your Propane Cylinder Needs

Homes and businesses across Berkeley, Morgan, Jefferson and Washington counties trust our propane for heat, hot water and food preparation. You can enjoy that same reliability and transparent pricing for your propane cylinder and 100-pound tank needs.

We have exchange and refill locations in Shepherdstown, Falling Waters, Martinsburg and Inwood. You can find more information here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.