Choose the Right Propane Tank for Your Home

We carry a range of sizes — and can handle gas line installation too!

propane tanks west virginiaAbout 50 million American homes use propane in some capacity. This clean-burning, energy-efficient fuel powers a wide variety of systems and appliances, including:

And those are just a few of the fantastic uses that American households count on propane for.

Daily, the Roach Energy team speaks to homeowners in the Eastern Panhandle region who are interested in a switch to our service. Some are building new properties or converting to propane from another energy source. Some just want a more dependable fuel provider.

Probably the most common concern they have is how disruptive the change to a new propane tank will be. Let us put your mind at ease about propane tanks.

Making it each to switch to Roach Energy

Many of your home’s vital systems rely on propane, but that doesn’t mean your comfort has to be interrupted by installing a new tank.

When you choose to buy or lease a tank from Roach Energy, our staff will evaluate your needs. We have over 70 years of experience keeping families warm and comfortable. We know what to account for. Our experts will factor in:

From there, we’ll find an above-ground or underground tank that fits your home just right.

If we’re putting an aboveground tank in place, the installation is pretty straightforward. We’ll make sure to set the tank at a safe distance from your property. The only thing we might need to do ahead of time is lay down a concrete slab under the tank.

Installation of an underground tank is more complex, but Roach Energy has the knowledge to do it. We can excavate your property to bury your tank. It will be placed free of septic tanks and other buried objects.

The right propane tank (and gas lines) for your home

Roach Energy has a variety of tank sizes for our customers. Here are some of the most common sizes and the type of homes they serve:

The propane experts at Roach Energy are also trained to install gas lines to connect your new storage tank to your home appliances. Once you’re set up, you can take advantage of the most reliable propane delivery in the region!

Our team is always ready to help you get the proper fuel storage and delivery for your home. Contact us today.