Payment Plans

We have three great plans to let you decide how you want to pay your bills.

Smart Pay Budget Plan

This convenient plan gives you the option of lowering your monthly heating expenses by spreading your payments over 11 months. Nobody wants the surprise of a huge heating bill in the middle of winter. When you sign up for Smart Pay, you’ll pay the same amount every month making your heating bill more manageable.

Plan details:

  • Available for Heating Oil or Propane
  • Must be an automatic delivery customer
  • Account must have a $0 balance
  • Account must remain in good standing; one missed payment will result in removal from this plan
  • Monthly coupon with envelope will be provided for payments
  • Requires credit pre-approval
  • You’ll pay no finance charges with this plan
  • Smart Pay season ends on May 31st
  • Price per gallon will be market price at time of delivery

Pre-Payment Plan

With our Pre-payment plan, you can pre-purchase your fuel or propane at a set price, allowing you to predict exactly what you’ll pay per gallon.

Plan details:

  • Available for Heating Oil or Propane
  • Pre-purchased gallons are locked and delivered at the pre-purchased price until pre-purchased gallons are exhausted or until August 31st
  • Must be an automatic delivery customer for the entire length of the heating season
  • 500 gallon minimum purchase
  • Account must have a $0 balance
  • No other discounts apply
  • Delivery of product at pre-purchased price expires on August 31st. Dollar amount representing any undelivered pre-purchased fuel as of this date will be applied to the account, or refunded, as requested.

Price Protection Plan

Our Price Protection Plan is ideal for those customers who want to lock in the price of the oil they use. Oil prices can be volatile and this plan can protect you from dramatic pricing shifts in the market by capping the price per gallon that you pay.

Plan details:

  • Available for Heating Oil only
  • $99 fee to join
  • Available for Smart Pay or Pay-as-you-go customers
  • Applies for deliveries through August 31st
  • Must be an automatic delivery customer

Payment on Delivery

If we are unable to approve your credit, payment on delivery is another option we offer our customers. We require full payment at the time the delivery is scheduled.

For more information about any of these programs, please call 304.263.3329 or e-mail