Direct Vent Propane Fireplaces

Efficient (And Beautiful) Space Heating

propane hearth west virginiaEver wish you could enjoy the heat and glow of an evening fire without the hassle of set-up and cleanup – and without having to invest the thousands of dollars needed to install a masonry fireplace?

You can with a direct vent propane fireplace.

How a direct vent fireplace works

A direct vent (DV) fireplace system is a simple, glass-enclosed combustion box that mounts to your wall or within your existing mantle and uses propane to create a flickering flame at the click of a button.

The box uses two pipes that run to and from your unit – one to draw air in from outside to support combustion, the other to transfer exhaust air outside your home. A direct vent system – which can be installed in about a day – is hung along an exterior wall to keep the pipe runs as simple as possible (a DV system can also be installed somewhere else in your home and vented through the roof).

Direct vent fireplace advantages

Why choose a direct vent propane fireplace for your West Virginia or western Maryland home? Consider these big advantages:

Have a hearth this fall

If you’ve always wanted a fireplace but didn’t want to deal with the hassle or expense of installing or maintaining one, a direct vent propane system could be just what you’re looking for.

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