Install an Electric Fireplace Before Winter Arrives

SimpliFire products offer affordable, clean, modern space heating

fireplace installation west virginiaAt Roach Energy, we’re already performing annual tune-ups on heating systems in preparation for the colder seasons to come. We’re also fielding questions from customers in the Eastern Panhandle region about supplemental heating.

Certain rooms in your home need to be as cozy and stylish as possible: living rooms, master bedrooms and dining rooms, for example. One of these rooms might have a fireplace, but wood fires require time and effort to start and clean up. And you can’t leave one unattended safely.

Other rooms have no fireplace option at all, and you want something more attractive than a space heater.

That’s where SimpliFire electric fireplaces come in. They’re easy to install and can go anywhere in your home. They provide excellent space heating and a stunning, contemporary design accent that captivates your friends and family.

All the warmth and allure of fire — none of the mess!

When people think of electric fireplaces, they often mainly think of their visual appeal. That’s understandable. SimpliFire products provide unparalleled visuals that you can adapt to any space. These include:

But these products also provide space heating up to 5,000 Btus per hour — 10,000 Btus for built-in electric fireplaces.

As with a propane fireplace insert or gas log, you can control this supplemental heat with a remote. No lugging logs inside or stoking a flame on your hands and knees. There is no sweeping of ashes, ruining your clothes in the process. You also don’t have to pay for a chimney cleaning every year!

Plus, if you want to keep enjoying your alluring electric flames during the summer, you can run these products without heat.

No fireplace? Not a problem.

If you have a drafty, dusty, unused hearth in your home, we can fill it with a SimpliFire Electric Insert or Built-In Electric Fireplace. These products are framed to fill your fireplace opening snugly and attractively.

But what if you don’t have a fireplace to fill? That’s a-okay!

SimpliFire’s Wall-Mount, Allusion, Scion, Scion Trinity and Format series products are all designed to work without an existing hearth. The Roach Energy team can install a gorgeous electric fireplace in the center of a wall in your dining room or the corner of your bedroom. You can enjoy its cozy warmth and enchanting glow all year round. You’ll be amazed how a SimpliFire product transforms your living space!

Now’s a great time to get that electric fireplace you’ve had your eye on. We have plenty in stock, from traditional to contemporary. But supplies won’t last forever — get in touch with us now!