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indoor air quality installation

There’s nothing like summer here in eastern West Virginia and western Maryland. Days hiking our scenic trails and evenings spent grilling in the backyard with family and friends give you a lot to enjoy.

Something else to enjoy is relaxing at home with the air conditioning on when it gets really hot and muggy.

If you’re looking to do an air conditioning installation or to upgrade your current system, Roach Energy’s professionals have the knowledge, training, and experience to handle it.

We work with you to find the right air conditioning system to fit your home and your air conditioning needs. We carry only the best quality systems, from top manufacturers like Carrier, Trane and Luxaire.

If you already use forced-air heating, it’s easy to install central air conditioning, as it will run the cooled air right through the existing ductwork.

Our service doesn’t stop after we install your air conditioning. We also provide expert maintenance and repair by our skilled service technicians. Our affordable service plans help protect your A/C with an included annual maintenance tune-up and coverage for many parts and labor costs if repairs are needed.

Mini-splits: No ductwork needed!

indoor air quality installation

Many homes in Berkeley, Morgan, Jefferson, and Washington Counties, though, don’t use forced-air heating.

If you live in one of those homes, you might think that your only options for cooling are either adding ductwork or using window air conditioning units.

Roach Energy has a better solution: ductless mini-splits!

Adding ductwork to your home can cost thousands of dollars on top of the cost of the central air conditioning purchase and installation. You’ll be dealing with mess and upheaval in your home for weeks during the installation of ductwork.

Window units are not a great solution, either. They are noisy, inefficient energy hogs. They block light and let in bugs, dust, dirt and pollen. They are also a security risk, especially in first-floor windows. Speaking of risks, going up on a ladder to install window air conditioning units on upper stories is one as well.

Ductless mini-splits are easy to install, because no ductwork is needed. That makes them great for older homes.

Another benefit of ductless mini-splits is that each unit is individually controlled. That allows you to zone your cooling for outstanding energy efficiency.

If you have central air conditioning and a home addition not connected to it, ductless mini-splits provide efficient cooling much more affordably and easily than adding ductwork would.

Roach Energy helps keep you cool no matter how sweltering the summer gets! Contact us today for central air conditioning and mini-split service for your home.