Service Plans

Protect your investment in your Eastern Panhandle home

service plansIf you’ve added new HVAC or home comfort equipment, you know that it doesn’t come cheap. Make sure you get the most from what you’ve invested in your home in Berkeley, Morgan, Jefferson, and Washington counties.

Regular maintenance is good for your new equipment—and your wallet—in several ways:

  • Your equipment runs at peak efficiency, meaning you save money on energy costs
  • Your equipment lasts much longer, which means you get more years out of your investment before you have to upgrade
  • Problems are caught and repaired, which helps you avoid equipment failures and the expensive repairs that go with those
  • Having regular maintenance keeps your equipment’s warranty in effect

What our service plans do

We are flexible and offer several service plans that fit your equipment and your budget, so you have the right payment plan, whether you are protecting your oil or gas home heating system, or need AC service plans.

All of our service plans include annual service and primary service coverage. Some offer free replacement of covered parts, discounts on parts not covered, and credit for consecutive years of enrollment in the service plan.

Talk with our professionals when you are adding your new equipment to find out which service plan is right for you.

If you don’t have a service plan, we offer tune-ups and other services to make sure your equipment is running properly and safely.

Contact Roach Energy to find out more about our variety of service plans!