Why You Should Fill Up Your Tank Now

Trust Roach Energy for Reliable Heating Fuel Deliveries

fuel delivery west virginiaWinter will be here before we know it! So if you haven’t done so already, please contact us to get your propane or heating oil tank filled for the rest of Fall. It takes just a few minutes to get this done. Afterward, you can return with more peace of mind to all of your fun outdoor fall activities with the family.

When it comes to scheduling your fall delivery, putting this off before the cold weather settles in means you’ll be one of many who will all want their propane or heating oil at the same time.

Scheduling your delivery now allows you to beat that rush! You’ll get prompt delivery, and you won’t have to worry about being without enough fuel to keep your West Virginia home warm, safe, and comfortable.

Free Automatic Delivery Service

Our goal is to make getting your heating fuel delivery from Roach Energy as easy as possible.

And if you want easy, you can’t beat our free automatic propane or heating oil delivery service. Once you become an automatic delivery customer, you know what you won’t have to do anymore? Remember to check your tank and call us each time you need more propane or heating oil.

Roach Energy takes care of everything. We carefully estimate your propane or heating oil usage, factoring in average daily temperatures and how much fuel you used in past years. With that information, we schedule a delivery to your home before you can run low.

If you still prefer call when you need more fuel, that’s fine. But you need to give us enough notice so we can fit you into our delivery schedule. Heating oil customers should call when your tank reaches the ¼ level; propane customers should contact us when their tank gauge reaches 30%.

If you run very low or run out entirely, rest easy knowing we’re here for you with 24-hour emergency delivery.

Contact Us Today

Get in touch with us today to request automatic fuel deliveries so you can prevent the hassles of having a run-out when you need propane or heating oil the most.

If you’re a Roach Energy customer and still prefer to call for your fuel, you can order propane or heating oil online by logging into our customer account portal.

We’re standing by ready to help you stay warm, safe and worry-free this season. If you would like to start enjoying all the advantages of becoming a Roach Energy customer, including reliable propane or heating oil deliveries, please go here.

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