Fuel Delivery Options to Suit Your Needs

Offering multiple delivery services for heating oil & propane

fuel delivery west virginiaAt Roach Energy, we appreciate that being a heating oil or propane partner is a serious responsibility. Eastern Panhandle households depend on us for reliable heat and hot water. Our propane customers often need us for cooking and drying laundry too.

So, we offer fuel delivery options you can tailor to your family’s specific needs, including automatic delivery and will call service.

How automatic delivery works

Whether your home uses heating oil or propane, Roach Energy offers a stress-free, no-fee automatic delivery option. Once you enroll in automatic delivery, we take care of all your fuel tracking. Here’s what we do:

There’s no charge to receive automatic deliveries, and you don’t have to purchase more fuel to participate. We only deliver fuel when you need it, and you’ll only pay for what you receive.

Benefits of going automatic

Most of our customers choose automatic delivery for their heating oil or propane needs. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it option that allows you to say goodbye to some annoying things that come with will call service, including:

Checking gauges and meters — You can forget about trekking outside your propane tank or trudging downstairs to your oil tank to see how much fuel is left.

Scheduling deliveries and waiting in line — When you track your own fuel levels, you’re responsible for calling for a delivery. On automatic delivery, your refill is scheduled well in advance!

Running out of fuel — You know that sinking feeling when your shower turns cold because of a heating oil run-out? What about when your stove won’t light because you’re out of propane? And then there’s the fear of losing heat when a blustery snowstorm is in the forecast. With automatic delivery, run-outs are a thing of the past.

Leak test fees — If your propane tank runs out of fuel entirely, we’re required to perform a leak test before bringing it back online.

Simply put, automatic delivery promises a full tank and total peace of mind.

Will Call service you can trust

If you want to track your own fuel levels and choose when to receive your heating oil and propane, we also provide will call delivery service. In fact, our Martinsburg heating oil customers can get their fuel on the same day if they call us before 3 p.m.

Bear in mind, will call customers are responsible for keeping tabs on their tank levels, and we recommend that you call us when your tank is around 30 percent filled.

Are you looking for a home comfort partner who takes your needs to heart? Join the Roach family of customers!