Important Reminders for Your Heating Oil Delivery

Remembering These Five Things Makes Refilling your Tank A Snap

oil delivery west virginiaThere are many things to love about winter, from sledding to hot cocoa by the fireplace. However, if you have not refilled your home heating oil for the season, winter can become a real pain. Sudden, unpredictable snow and ice can complicate home oil delivery.

Roach Energy has been delivering home oil through almost 70 winters. We have identified a few simple preparations that homeowners can take to make oil delivery a lot easier.

Shovel and Salt your Driveway

It can be tempting to put off shoveling after a hefty snowfall. If you are expecting a heating oil delivery, though, it is essential that the truck has clear, ice-free access to your home.

Especially if you have a steep driveway, please make sure to shovel and salt it before the delivery truck arrives.

Make Sure Your House Number is Visible

Just like with the pizza delivery or a FedEx package, you want to make sure your heating oil driver can identify your address. Winter conditions make locating the correct house more difficult than usual.
Make sure that snow, branches, or other obstruction aren’t covering your house number in advance of your delivery. If the sun has set or snow is causing low visibility, be sure to illuminate the number with an outdoor light.

Keep Your Fill Pipe Clear of Snow and Ice

Once your technician has arrived, they will need to access your inlet valve. Providing your Roach Energy representative with a clear pathway to this fill pipe will considerably speed up the process.
While shoveling your driveway and walkways, take a moment to clear the inlet valve of snow, ice, dirt, rocks, branches, and other debris that accumulated throughout the year. This is also a great time to prune back any shrubs that grew around your fill pipe.

Plan Ahead with Automatic Delivery

The frustrating reality is that many people only notice their oil tank is low when the weather is already frigid. This tends to be our busiest delivery time of the year. Suddenly, homeowners need to arrange a quick tank fill. While Roach Energy is happy to fulfill same-day call-in requests, we know that they can be stressful.

Roach Energy is pleased to offer an automatic delivery option for our customers. Based on your past heating oil use and current weather conditions, we estimate when you need a refresh. With automatic delivery, you’ll know well in advance when your oil will arrive. You can avoid the last-minute scramble to shovel your driveway and clear your fill pipe.

At Roach Energy, we proudly guarantee reliable, on-time service with transparent pricing and friendly customer service. If you are looking for a stellar oil, kerosene, or propane provider in Berkeley, Morgan, Jefferson, or Washington county, please reach out to us here!