Will My Heating Oil Tank Last Another Winter?

Take a moment to check for leaks, damage, and signs of corrosion

oil tanks west virginiaWith warmer weather, longer days and blooming flowers, the last thing you’re thinking about is your home heating system. But now is an excellent time to take a look at your heating oil storage tank.

The average aboveground oil tank lasts about 25 years, while underground tanks last closer to 15 years. Many longtime homeowners have never had to replace their fuel tank, but it’s vital to inspect yours regularly, especially if it’s older.

Aging, damaged or corroded tanks can leak oil, leading to expensive clean-ups and environmental remediations. If your tank isn’t working correctly, your heating bills might increase.

At Roach Energy, we know the warning signs to look for. Here’s how you can tell if your tank needs to be retired.

Is Your Oil Tank Going to Fail?

Corrosion from within is the leading cause of oil tank failure. Water condensation can build up on exposed surfaces inside the tank. Because water is heavier than oil, it settles at the tank bottom, creating an ideal condition for sediment to form. That sediment gives rise to corrosion and, eventually, tank failure.

While you can’t easily see the inside of your oil tank, there are indicators of corrosion that might be visible from the outside:

You should also watch for wear or damage to your tank’s legs, vent alarm, fuel gauge, and oil lines.

These are warning signs that you need to call a professional to inspect your tank.

Reach Out to the Professionals at Roach

Since 1952, the expert technicians at Roach Energy have been inspecting, repairing and installing oil tanks throughout Berkeley, Morgan, Jefferson, and Washington counties. We know what to look for and can quickly and accurately assess your tank’s health.

If your oil tank needs to be replaced, our techs can guide you to the perfect model for your home and budget. Modern tank design has seen incredible advances. They are double-walled and virtually leak-proof, and they come in a range of sizes and shapes. We can also assist you in safeguarding your new oil tank with tank protection.

Roach Energy is the most trusted name for heating oil delivery and HVAC equipment service. Contact us today to become a customer.