Repairing vs. Replacing Your A/C Unit

Is Your HVAC System Ready for the Hot Weather Ahead?

air conditioning west virginiaWith winter drawing to a close and warmer weather around the corner, homeowners throughout the eastern Panhandle region will put their furnaces and boilers to sleep and power up their air conditioning and ductless mini-splits.

Even an older, less efficient A/C setup can suffice during spring and early summer, but it might not stand up to the intense, muggy heat that comes later. Many homeowners wonder when the right time is to replace their A/C equipment.

At Roach Energy, we can help you with that decision. Here are some answers to frequent questions we hear.

How long does a home’s cooling system last?

If a certified HVAC contractor installed your home’s air conditioning, it could function well for 10-15 years. However, your system will begin losing efficiency as it ages. Even if you get regular maintenance for your equipment, it will lose as much as 30 percent efficiency after a decade of use.

If your air conditioning is over ten years old and does not keep you comfortable through the summer, you might want to consider replacing it.

Does it make more sense to repair or replace an older A/C system?

Every system has unique strengths and flaws. Still, there are a few parameters every homeowner can use to determine if replacement makes more sense than repair.

When does it make more sense to repair an old A/C system?

To begin, if your equipment is less than a decade old and hasn’t suffered damage beyond normal wear and tear, you probably don’t need to replace it.

While we’ve gone through many reasons it makes sense to upgrade an older cooling system, there are other scenarios where repairing it is better. If you plan to move to another home soon, it might make more sense just to repair an underperforming A/C. Similarly, you should do any minor repair that’s not likely to recur.

Your home’s HVAC system is an investment in your comfort and peace of mind. If you don’t know whether to take the plunge on new equipment, we want to help you decide. Drop us a line, and together we’ll find a solution that meets your needs and budget!