HVAC Service Plans Offer Year-Round Peace of Mind

Protect Yourself Against High Costs of Repair or Replacement

service plans west virginiaYour home’s heating and cooling systems are more than just equipment. They’re an investment in the comfort and safety of your home. Your system needs to run at peak efficiency, especially during frosty winters and sizzling summers in West Virginia’s eastern panhandle.

You also want to avoid the sudden and costly surprise of repairing and replacing HVAC equipment.

As a general rule, annual maintenance is a critical step to keeping your system working at its best efficiency. A service plan is the best way to ensure that your equipment gets the maintenance it needs. At Roach Energy, we offer several service plans, giving you the flexibility to choose coverage suited to your home and budget.

Here are just a few ways our service plans offer you year-round peace of mind.

Protecting Your Warranty

The warranty coverage for your HVAC appliances often requires routine maintenance once a year. If you skip annual service, you could end up losing warranty protection and incurring the total cost of equipment repairs, even if the manufacturer covers them.

With Roach Energy as your partner, you can stay in compliance with your manufacturer’s warranty.

Improving Your Equipment’s Longevity and Efficiency

When your HVAC system is not working properly, its efficiency suffers. This will cause your energy bills to rise. The strain from overwork can cause breakdowns in your equipment, shortening its overall lifespan.

All Roach Energy service plans include service coverage, so you can sleep well knowing that our professional, courteous HVAC experts will keep your system humming for when you need it most. Your Roach Energy technician will ensure that your equipment is in good operating condition to keep your energy expenses low.

Saving on Repairs

The cost of repairing heating and air conditioning systems can be very high, but Roach Energy service plans offer savings on these repairs. If your equipment is covered, you may be eligible for free replacement on covered parts, discounts on non-covered parts, and credits for continuous service coverage.

Skipping the Line

When your HVAC equipment stops working, it’s reasonable to want it fixed as soon as possible.

Another advantage of a service plan is priority service. If your system needs urgent repairs, you’ll always be among the first customers to get a visit from a Roach Energy expert. Being able to skip the line means you can put your weather emergency behind you and get back to the activities that matter to you and your family.

There’s no better time than right now to sign up for a Roach Energy service plan for your HVAC equipment. Contact us today to take advantage of the annual tune-ups, discounted repairs, and priority service our programs provide!