Enroll in a Payment Plan Before Winter

Avoid huge fuel bills & stabilize your finances

payment options west virginiaIt’s been a rough year for financial planning. If you’re like us, you hold your breath every time you pull into a gas station. When planning a trip to the supermarket, you wonder how much more chicken will cost this week.

We wish we could tell you exactly how much heating oil and propane will cost in the coming weeks. We can say that propane has been affected less by price increases than heating oil, but neither have been immune to market surges.

One thing we know helps is enrolling in our monthly payment program. And it’s not too late to sign up before the temperatures drop and your fuel bills begin to rise.

What is a monthly fuel payment plan?

Our monthly payment plan protects you from billing fluctuations with heating oil and propane.

When you pay for fuel in full on delivery, almost all your annual energy expenses fall over a few invoices in the fall and winter. These can be giant expenses, which you need to pay in full at the same time as you might be hosting Thanksgiving, buying holiday gifts or getting ready to pay an income tax bill.

With a monthly payment plan, Roach Energy determines how much propane or heating oil you’ll likely use for the year and spreads that expense over equal monthly installments. How does this help?

  1. Your winter payments are immediately cut in half.
  2. You no longer must guess how much you’ll spend on fuel in a month. Even if you receive two deliveries one month, you only make one payment.
  3. You’ll enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your tank will stay full and your monthly payments won’t skyrocket.

Don’t worry. If fuel prices go down and stay lower, we’ll adjust your plan. In the end, you will only pay for the fuel you actually received at the price on the day you received it — not a penny more.

What comes next

We’ve seen some hopeful signs in the energy market. Many fuel suppliers are being conservative in importing product right now because they expect prices to go down soon. We sincerely hope that’s the case, but no one has a crystal ball.

In the meantime, we hope you consider enrolling in our monthly payment plans. Our customers love the stability it brings. Contact us today to sign up.