Your Go-to Supplier for Propane Cylinder Tanks

From Backyard Grills to the Industrial Forklifts!

tank exchange west virginiaHomeowners and businesses throughout the Eastern Panhandle trust Roach Energy to provide fuel for their propane-fired heating systems and appliances.

But even if you don’t rely on us for your home heating, cooking, or hot water, you can still take advantage of our best-in-class propane services. Roach Energy supplies, refills, and exchanges propane cylinders and 100-pound propane tanks at locations throughout West Virginia. Whether you want to jumpstart your warm-weather fun at home or need clean-burning, super-efficient fuel for your business, we have you covered!

Portable Propane for Your Home

Propane is a remarkably versatile energy source, powering a variety of fantastic home amenities. You can enjoy any number of these without a 500-gallon fuel tank on your property.

Probably, the most common propane accessory is the gas grill. A propane cylinder can last more than a month for many home grilling setups. Plus, you don’t need to worry about burning yourself while lighting charcoal or an unpleasant chemical taste on your burgers.

A cylinder or 100-gallon tank can fire other fantastic home amenities, including fire pits, outdoor lights, space heaters, and bug traps!

Powering Businesses with Propane

Propane cylinders aren’t just for the backyard!

Manufacturers, farms, pavers, and construction sites use portable propane canisters to power their forklifts. Because propane is a clean-burning, low-emission fuel, these businesses are safe to use it indoors.

An average-sized cylinder keeps a propane-powered forklift moving for eight hours, and changing out a cylinder is quick and easy. Compare this to electric forklifts, which require an entire shift’s worth of recharging. Also, electric forklifts slow down as their batteries lose juice. Propane-powered forklifts keep moving at full speed until the last drop of fuel burns!

Trust Roach for Your Propane Cylinder Needs

Homes and businesses across Berkeley, Morgan, Jefferson and Washington counties trust our propane for heat, hot water and food preparation. You can enjoy that same reliability and transparent pricing for your propane cylinder and 100-pound tank needs.

We have exchange and refill locations in Shepherdstown, Falling Waters, Martinsburg and Inwood. You can find more information here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.