8 Facts About Propane

Learn more about how versatile, clean and green propane is!

propane facts West VirginiaIf all you know about propane is that it runs your BBQ grill, prepare to have your mind blown.

There’s so much propane can do for your West Virginia or Maryland home or business, while helping the environment. Youmight be surprised—especially at how much better it does all of those things than other fuel sources.

We’ve got eight facts about propane that you may not know:

  1. Propane’s chemical formula is C3H8.
  2. The first person to identify propane as a volatile component in gasoline was a chemist named Walter O. Snelling. After he patented the formula for propane, Snelling sold the patent to Frank Phillips, the founder of Phillips Petroleum, in 1913. Snelling got $50,000 for the patent. In today’s dollars, that’s $1.3 million.
  3. Propane is listed as an alternative fuel in both the 1990 expansion of the Clean Air Act and the 1992 Energy Policy Act.
  4. Almost all of the propane we use in the U.S. is produced domestically, and most of that is a byproduct of natural gas processing.
  5. The propane industry contributes $46 billion a year to the U.S. gross domestic product.
  6. Today’s propane heating systems and other propane appliances have efficiency ratings of around 95%, and some go even higher.
  7. Propane is one of the cleanest-burning fossil fuels and will not damage air, water, soil, marine life or plant life in the event of a leak.
  8. You can use propane both indoors and out with propane heating systems, fireplaces and hearths, water heaters, space heaters, clothes dryers, generators, fire pits, patio and deck heaters, and more!

This is just the beginning of the great things about propane. Learn more by getting in touch with the professionals at Roach Energy.