5 Benefits of Propane Fireplaces and Hearths

Installing a Propane Hearth Provides a Cleaner, Safer, Easier Fire

gas log sets west virginiaAs the weather turns colder, nothing improves a night with the family like a toasty fire in the hearth.
However, getting a roaring blaze going with logs can be a pain. It often takes multiple attempts to light the fire, and afterward, your fireplace is full of soot and ash, making cleanup a dirty hassle. This season, consider the benefits of installing a propane fireplace or hearth in your home.

Propane fireplaces burn safer, cleaner, and more efficiently than their wood-burning counterparts. If you live in eastern West Virginia or Western Maryland, Roach Energy can be your partner in choosing the best model for your home and installing it quickly and easily.

Still on the fence about propane fireplaces and hearths? Here are five reasons you should consider one.

Propane Fires are Incredibly Convenient

Forget about chopping wood, gathering kindling, or hunching over to stoke a dying flame. With a propane hearth, all you need to do is turn on the flames with your handy remote control. Presto! You’ll have a lively, warming fire in your home instantly.

Once your evening draws to a close, simply turn off the fire—no more poking around half-burnt logs for live embers.

Propane Burns Cleaner than Wood

Propane is one of the cleaner fuel sources around. Burning it produces less carbon dioxide than wood!
Installing a propane hearth or fireplace is good for the earth and your home. Wood fires send black smoke and soot outward and upward. This soot accumulates quickly, requiring regular costly chimney cleanings. Switching to propane solves this headache instantly.

Propane is Safer for You and Your Home

Burning wood in your house can be dangerous as well. Popping logs and flying embers are highly hazardous. Wood fires also cast fine particles into your living space, which can exacerbate allergies, asthma, and even heart conditions.

Because propane burns cleaner, you can avoid health issues entirely. You also have total control of the size and intensity of your fire. Your propane hearth’s remote control allows you to adjust how large a blaze it produces, so you can perfectly dial it back for heat-sensitive guests, pets, and family members.

Roach Energy will be your partner in ensuring the safety of your propane fireplace or hearth. If you ever notice a gas smell, our maintenance personnel are on call to address the issue immediately.

Propane Fireplaces Warm Your Room More Efficiently

Of course, you want that great-looking fire in the hearth to keep you warm and cozy when it’s cold outside. Propane fireplaces are 80% efficient, four to five times more efficient than wood-burning fireplaces.

In short, you get a lot more heat for your fuel with a propane fireplace.

Propane Hearths and Fireplaces are Easy to Install

Finally, getting a propane hearth or fireplace for your home is a snap. Roach Energy installs products from leading manufacturers like Heat & Glo, White Mountain Hearth, Jotul, and Mendota.

Depending on your home’s layout, we can install a propane fireplace insert in an existing hearth. Alternatively, we can install a freestanding propane fireplace. Our technicians will help you select the best option for your needs. Plus, Roach Energy technicians are fully trained and certified to handle installation, maintenance, cleaning, and repair for your new fireplace.

Roach Energy representatives want to help you discover a safer, cleaner, easier fire. Drop us a line today to learn more about the benefits of propane hearths and fireplaces.