Propane Fireplace Cleaning

Have your gas hearth cleaned and inspected today!

gas fireplace service west virginiaBelieve it or not, it will soon be fall, and you’ll be snuggling up in front of a cozy fire. If you have a propane insert, gas log, or stove, you benefit from a clean-burning, energy-efficient flame that minimizes cleaning for your chimney flue.

However, it’s still crucial to schedule yearly cleaning and maintenance for your propane-fired hearth or stove appliance. This will ensure the performance, safety, and longevity of your equipment. Roach Energy performs affordable cleanings and inspections throughout the Eastern Panhandle region.

Why should you have your propane fireplace or stove cleaned?

Maintaining your propane hearth products has similar benefits to servicing your propane furnace or boiler. It pays off dividends in system performance and fuel use:

Your hearth or stove will look better — Our technicians can fix cracks, obstructions and blemishes on your insert or gas log.

You’ll save money on propane — Over time, the vents of your propane hearth equipment can become blocked with debris. This reduces efficiency, meaning you’ll end up using more fuel. Professional cleaning gets all the gunk out and restores an efficient flame.

Cleaning extends your equipment’s lifespan — The overwork caused by obstructions and compounding wear and tear reduces the life of your hearth or stove product. We can catch lingering issues before they lead to a total breakdown.

It provides peace of mind — Gas logs and other propane-fired inserts are incredibly safe. Still, on rare occasions, they can need repairs. Yearly service makes sure you get all the comfort and none of the hazards.

What happens during propane fireplace service?

We perform an affordable, thorough cleaning and inspection that covers all the vital components of your appliance. We’ll do a complete diagnostic tear-down and then reassembly to confirm your hearth or stove is clean and working correctly. This service includes:

We even change the batteries on your remote or receiver box!

Roach Energy also offers service contracts on supplemental heating equipment. It includes annual cleaning and inspection and provides priority repair service and discounts on parts and labor.

Now is the best time to schedule your annual cleaning. We still have plenty of available appointment times. Contact us to request service.