Propane Gas Inspections Are Important: Especially Now!

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With the coronavirus keeping many of us at home more than anyone expected to be this spring, having safe, reliable home comfort equipment – everything from your furnace, boiler and air conditioner to your water heater – becomes more important than ever.

If your appliances are powered by propane, one of the most important ways to ensure that your equipment is running efficiently and safely is to have regular propane inspections. Routine inspection of your propane system by a qualified professional will give you peace of mind and confidence that your appliances and other components are running at their best.

Preparing for a propane gas inspection

Once you schedule a propane inspection, it’s a good idea to prepare for it by thinking about any changes that might have occurred in your home since the last time a professional looked at your propane system.

For example, be sure to mention:

What’s included in a Roach Energy propane inspection?

While propane inspections may vary depending on the type of system you have, a standard Roach Energy propane gas check includes:

Be sure to ask us any questions about your system or to review propane safety information that you can share with your family.

Propane helps you live comfortably, even in a crisis – and regular propane inspections keep your family safe and comfortable year-round. Schedule your propane inspection in Berkeley, Morgan, Jefferson, and Washington counties today, and remember: our crews follow the strict guidance given by the CDC and by state and federal authorities, putting the health and safety of your family and our employees first.