Keeping Your Propane Tank Full, Accessible, And Safe

about propane delivery west virginiaPropane is a handy fuel to have around during winter here in West Virginia, offering an efficient, powerful, and eco-friendly way to keep your family safe and cozy as temperatures plunge in the coming months.

But as a propane delivery customer, you have some important considerations to keep in mind during heating season – especially before and during the arrival of severe weather.

Getting Ready For A Propane Delivery

To help things go smoothly as we near the transition from fall to winter, follow these three tips:

  1. Watch your propane levels – If you are not an automatic propane delivery customer, keep a close eye on your propane levels throughout the winter – especially during a cold snap when you will probably use propane more quickly than you realize. Call when your tank is about one-third full; the colder it is, the busier our delivery crew gets, so don’t wait until the last minute to contact us for a propane delivery. Better yet, just sign up for automatic delivery from Roach Energy and let us worry about topping off your tank.
  2. Remind your family about propane leaks – Always keep a nose out for a propane leak, which smells like rotten eggs. If you detect that odor, follow propane safety procedures immediately. Safety first, always!
  3. Keep a path to your propane tank clear – Snow, ice, and debris can make it difficult to reach your tank for proper maintenance and refilling; make sure you keep at least an 18” path cleared to your propane gas tank. If propane delivery teams have to park in your driveway to delivery fuel, be sure to keep that area shoveled and salted, too. It’s also helpful to install a colored flag near the fill valve of your propane tank so our delivery crew can find it in any weather. Once you clear a path to your propane tank, switch to a broom to clear snow and ice from the tank itself; using a shovel for this purpose could damage the tank.

Be prepared for any weather this late fall and winter with expert propane heating system service and reliable propane deliveries in West Virginia and western Maryland from the pros at Roach Energy.

Contact us today to learn more, or to become a Roach Energy customer