Convert to Propane

Roach Energy can help Eastern Panhandle homeowners make the change

convert to propaneHave you ever wondered about the benefits of converting your home energy to propane?

Propane is a terrific energy source for homes like yours in Berkeley, Morgan, Jefferson, and Washington counties. That’s especially true when you convert your home heating and water heating from electricity to propane.

When you use electricity for home heating and water heating, you are dependent on the electric grid. If the power goes out, your home is cold and your showers are colder.

That’s also a reason to change from natural gas to propane. You are no longer at the mercy of outside natural gas lines. If there’s a gas line break down the road, you’re stuck without fuel for your heating, water heating, cooking and more until it is fixed.

But when you use propane, your energy source is right there at your home. No matter what the weather is, you have what you need to keep your home warm and comfortable.

There’s so much more that propane can do for your home. When the power goes out, a propane generator gives you power to keep the lights and refrigerator on, your phones charged, and vital medical equipment running. By using a propane-powered range or cooktop and oven, you get better cooking, because propane gives you precise and instant temperature control that electric stoves can’t give you. Not only does your laundry dry faster with a propane clothes dryers than with an electric dryer, you also get better energy efficiency and fewer wrinkles.

You can provide comfort and warmth with propane fireplaces and space heaters.

Another benefit to using propane energy in your home is that propane is largely produced right here in the United States. The propane supply is so reliable and plentiful that we can both export propane and keep prices low here in the U.S.

The professionals at Roach Energy have the knowledge, experience and resources to convert your home to propane energy. Get in touch with us today and get started!

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