Propane Cylinder Fill up and Exchange

Count on Roach Energy for cylinder tank refills and cylinder tank exchanges in Hedgesville, Shepherdstown & nearby

There’s a lot more to propane cylinders than just running your BBQ grill, although they do a pretty awesome job at that.

Propane cylinders are also made to run forklifts. Many homes use 100-pound propane tanks when they are only using propane to run one appliance, like a stove or an indoor fireplace.

Whatever you use your propane cylinder or 100-pound tank for, Roach Energy can help you keep it full of propane. You can refill or exchange it at these sites:

Potomac Farms Nursery
789 Potomac Farms Drive
Shepherdstown, WV
ROCS Local Market
1224 TJ Jackson Drive
Falling Waters, WV 25419
ROCS Moler Avenue
1100 Shepherdstown Road
Martinsburg, WV
NAPA Auto Parts
7952 Winchester Avenue
Inwood, WV
Butler’s Farm Market
1793 Dry Run Road
Martinsburg, WV
Heiston Supply Company
36 Variform Drive
Martinsburg, WV 25405

Propane cylinders for forklifts

west virginia propane cylinder exchangeA whole lot of businesses in Berkeley, Morgan, Jefferson, and Washington counties use forklifts as a critical part of their job. These businesses include

  • Construction companies
  • Warehouses
  • Farms
  • Distribution centers
  • Manufacturers
  • Paving companies

Using propane to run forklifts is becoming more common. Propane is a clean-burning fuel and has extremely low emissions, which allows forklifts run on propane to be used both indoors and outdoors, leaving electric-powered forklifts in the dust.

Propane has more staying power, as an average forklift propane cylinder can keep a forklift running for around eight hours. That means the forklift runs for a full day. And when the cylinder does run out, swapping the empty tank for a full one takes just a matter of minutes. With electric forklifts, they’re sidelined for eight hours (or more!) for recharging. And, unlike electric forklifts, propane forklifts keep running at full power no matter how much propane is left.

Propane forklifts can also carry heavier loads, are better than electric forklifts at running on inclines, and can work in wet conditions.

Contact Roach Energy to find out more about our propane cylinder refills and exchanges.

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