Propane Delivery in Martinsburg & Surrounding Areas

Make Roach Energy your propane delivery company!

propane deliveryWe keep your family warm, serving homes and businesses all over the Eastern Panhandle of WV. Through years of experience and skill building, we can provide you with dependable propane delivery.

Our professional delivery drivers are trained and experienced in the safe delivery of propane and hold to our high standards of courteous customer service.

The decades of experience we have mean that we know the needs of our neighbors like no other propane delivery service can. The knowledge and insights we have gained over the years have allowed us to create delivery options that meet your propane needs, your schedule and your budget.

Your propane delivery options

Our goal is to make getting propane delivery from Roach Energy as easy as pie.

And if you want easy, you can’t beat our automatic propane delivery. Once you become an automatic delivery customer, you know what you won’t have to do anymore? Head out into the cold, the rain and the snow to check how much propane is in your tank. Call Roach Energy to schedule a propane delivery. Worry that you forgot to check, your propane tank levels got too low, and now you’ll have to schedule an emergency propane delivery and pay emergency delivery fees.

Roach Energy takes care of everything. We carefully estimate your propane usage, factoring in things like the current weather and how much propane you used in past years. With that information, we schedule a delivery to your home before you can run low.

If you prefer more control over your propane delivery, our will-call option means that you are responsible for monitoring your propane usage and tank gauge levels, and contacting us to schedule a delivery so we can work you into our delivery schedule.

If you run low on (or run out of) propane, we’re here for you with 24-hour emergency delivery.

The benefits of propane

When you have your propane delivered by Roach Energy, you’re getting a great energy source for your home. Here’s what propane gives you:

  • Efficient, even and comfortable home heating
  • Energy-efficient, fast and cost-effective water heating
  • Faster laundry drying and fewer wrinkles with a propane clothes dryer
  • Precise temperature control and even cooking on a propane range, oven or cooktop
  • Longer pool and spa-tub seasons with propane pool and spa-tub heaters
  • More days to enjoy your backyard with propane deck and patio heaters
  • Peace of mind with a propane whole-house generator

And what’s great is that you can get this no matter where you live in Berkeley, Morgan, Jefferson, and Washington counties. That’s because you don’t need a gas line in your neighborhood to get propane.

Get all of this with propane delivery from Roach Energy. And don’t forget to ask about our payment options!

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