Propane Tanks and Propane Gas Line Installation for Berkeley, Morgan, & Jefferson County, WV

Roach Energy can hook you up for propane!

west virginia propane gas line installationIf you’re building a new home and plan to use propane appliances, if you’re adding propane appliances to your existing home, or becoming a Roach Energy customer, or if you need propane for your business in Berkeley, Morgan, Jefferson, and Washington counties, Roach Energy can take care of your propane tank and propane gas line needs.

Roach Energy has almost 70 years of experience in meeting the fuel needs of homes and businesses in our area, and we have the knowledgeable and trained staff who will make sure you get the right propane tank and install your tank and gas lines safely and professionally.

We both sell and lease propane tanks. Talk with us to determine which is the right choice for you.

Propane tank sizes

above ground tank sizesOur professionals will work with you to ensure that you have the size of propane tank that will meet your needs. Factors we consider include how many propane appliances you use, if you plan to add any in the future, and how often you want propane deliveries.

These are the sizes of the tanks we offer:

420-pound or 120-gallon aboveground vertical propane tank: This is the size propane tank for you if you have one or two propane appliances in your home, like a propane stove, a clothes dryer, a water heater or a fireplace.

120-gallon aboveground or underground horizontal propane tank: For homes with two or three propane appliances, such as a water heater, a stove, a clothes dryer or a fireplace.

500-gallon aboveground or underground horizontal propane tank: This size propane tank is for whole-house heating, especially if you have a smaller home, as you’ll need fewer propane deliveries, or if you use several propane appliances in your home.

underground tanks1,000-gallon aboveground or underground horizontal propane tank: If you use a lot of propane—for whole-house heating of a larger home as well as lots of appliances, including stoves, clothes dryers, fireplaces, water heaters, pool heaters and spa heaters—you’ll need a big tank like this.

We also install gas lines on the exterior or the interior of your property.

Don’t forget that when it’s time for your propane tank’s refill, Roach Energy provides prompt, safe and courteous propane delivery.

We offer commercial propane tanks of 1,000 gallons both aboveground and underground. Business owners should contact us to learn more about the propane and fuel services we provide to businesses all over our service area.

Find out how Roach Energy can provide propane tank installation, propane delivery and other propane services for your home. Contact us today!

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