Roach Energy has been providing quality propane service since 2000.  We service Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan Counties.  Roach Energy can complete your propane project from beginning to end – not only providing propane service but also installing all of your propane appliances.

Why choose propane?

  • Clean-Propane is clean burning, non-toxic, and creates very low emissions.
  • Reliable-Propane works when other energy sources do not.
  • Good Value-Propane can offer significant saving over the alternatives, and propane appliances generally cost less to operate than electric appliances.
  • Safe-Propane has built in safety properties along with stringent safety regulations.
  • Efficient-Propane can heat your home faster and can maintain the temperature longer because the air gets hotter (120º versus 90º for electric) than with an electric heat pump.

Whether for home or business, Roach Energy offers several gas services to meet your needs.