Should I Replace My Heating System?

repair or replace hvac west virginia

A properly installed boiler or furnace could last a decade or more if it’s maintained properly by a heating professional. But eventually, even well cared-for heating equipment will wear down – and if you wait too long to replace it, you may find yourself with a propane- or oil-fired money pit on your hands.

The big question is how long is “too long?”

Sometimes, the decision whether to repair or replace a heating system is an easy one – generally speaking, if your equipment is more than 10 years old and a repair will set you back half or more than the replacement cost, you should opt for replacement. But other times, the repair/replace discussion falls into a gray area.

Signs That A Repair Isn’t Enough

Here are four times when you should probably replace, rather than repair, your heating system:

Expert heating service and financing in West Virginia and western Maryland

As with any home comfort equipment choice, your best bet when considering whether to repair or replace your heating system is to learn as much as possible about your options before you make a decision – and the best way to learn is to contact an experienced heating professional like the ones you’ll find at Roach Energy.

Our experts will assess your heating needs, make recommendations for your upgrade, and install your heating equipment quickly and neatly so you can get back to enjoying your warm, comfortable eastern Panhandle home.

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