What Are The Sizes Of Residential Propane Tanks?

How to choose the right propane storage tank for your home

propane tanks west virginia For people who only use propane for a freestanding grill, fire pit or patio heater, the only size container they’ve known is probably a portable 20-pound cylinder. Making the switch to propane for home heating or hot water means familiarizing yourself with the different stationary propane tank sizes.

At Roach Energy, our team has lots of experience helping new propane customers in the Eastern Panhandle region identify the right tank for their needs. Here’s a rundown of the standard tank sizes and factors we consider for choosing a propane tank.

Common propane tank sizes

There’s a range of propane tank sizes, from compact tanks meant to power one or two appliances to huge commercial models that hold tens of thousands of gallons.

It’s worth noting that propane companies only fill tanks to about 80 percent. Like water, propane expands with heat fluctuations, but its volume increases 17 times more than water. Leaving 20 percent empty space in a tank accounts for this volume change.

Here is a basic primer on standard residential tank sides and what they’re used for:

120-gallonOne or two appliances like ranges, dryers, space heaters or a water heater
250-gallonLarge propane appliances like water heaters, pool heaters or generators.
500-gallonWhole-home heating for an average household
1,000-gallonHeating and appliances for a larger home or commercial building

Choosing the right size propane tank

When the Roach Energy team works with a new propane customer, we consider the following variables:

Roach Energy can handle any propane tank installation

Whether you’re adding propane to your home or looking to switch from a propane company that’s let you down, the Roach Energy team can take care of your tank and gas line needs. We sell and lease propane tanks in many sizes. Our technicians will work with you to find the right one for your home, then handle installation quickly and safely.

We’re also ready to be your dependable, responsive propane delivery partner!

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