Propane Appliance Spring Cleaning Tips

clean propane appliances grillWith the amount of time we’re spending at home these COVID-19 days, we might as well do something productive – like take care of spring cleaning for our propane equipment, for example. Here are five things you can do with your sheltering in place time here in West Virginia and northeastern Maryland.

5 propane appliance “to dos” this spring:

  1. Propane grill – A clean grill is essential for delicious food and propane grill safety. Do a thorough cleaning before you begin the season, taking the following steps:
    • Pre-heat the grill for 15 minutes on high heat then turn off the grill. 
    • Turn the gas off – either on the propane tank or the gas line.  
    • Clean the grill using a stiff wire brush dipped in water. Do not lean over the grill while cleaning, as this should create plenty of steam.  
    • For tough grease spots, add dish soap to the water or a grill cleaner.  
    • Once the surface has cooled, wipe the grate with a damp cloth to remove residue or brush bristles.
    • Remove burners from the gas supply line and remove blockages to the burner’s gas ports using a dry wire brush.
    • Clean the burner valve with soapy water and run water through the inside of the valve.  
    • Clean the inside of the grill using a wire brush and warm soapy water and rinse with water. Towel dry the burners and reinstall.
    • When washing the outside of a stainless steel grill, use a specially formulated stainless steel bbq grill cleaner and micro fiber cloth. Ceramic, porcelain and painted steel surfaces can be cleaned using soap and water.  
    • Always store your propane grill and propane tanks outside. Never operate a propane grill indoors.
    • Keep the grill protected with a grill cover.
  2. Propane oven – If you’ve neglected your oven all year long, it’s time to bite the bullet and do it. Need some tips? Check out this blog.
  3. Propane tank – Your main propane tank might not need cleaning, but it could need clearing. Remove combustible materials like long, dry grass, wood, and any debris that are within 10 feet of the tank, and be sure to contact a professional for a propane system inspection every year.
  4. Propane water heater – The most important spring maintenance task for your propane water heater is to flush it to get rid of sediment. Sediment forms when minerals in your water supply harden into sand or grit; over time, a buildup of this material can insulate the heating element of your water heater, decreasing its effectiveness. For tips on how to flush a water heater, check out this video.
  5. Propane furnace –  The best thing to do for your propane furnace in the spring? Schedule routine heating maintenance with the pros at Roach energy. By getting that task out of the way now, you’ll beat the crowds later and ensure that you get the most heating bang for your buck from day one of fall 2020.

Start the season right with expert home comfort maintenance in WV and MD from the pros at Roach Energy. Contact us today to learn more.

Please note: At Roach Energy, your safety and comfort are always our priority. Please see our Covid-19 Service Update Page to learn more about how we are working to keep our your family and our crews safe, your home comfort equipment working, and your propane and heating oil deliveries coming when you need them most.