Save Energy This Summer: 5 Proven Ways

These Tips Can Lower Your Cooling Bills

home efficiency tips west virginiaWith prices surging on everything from bacon to rental cars, we’re all looking for ways to save a little cash.

Unfortunately, the price of electricity is rising along with virtually all energy costs. If you’re dreading the energy bills that come with cooling your home, we can help you out. At Roach Energy, we have 70 years of experience helping eastern West Virginia families stay comfortable for less.

Here are 5 tips to reduce your energy use — and save money — this summer!

Put Your Hot Water on Vacation

Believe it or not, water heating accounts for 20 percent of the average home’s energy costs. And your water heater doesn’t know when you’re on vacation. If you are leaving the house for a few days, set your water heater to a vacation setting. If it doesn’t have one, turn the temperature dial to between 50 and 70 degrees.

Be Smarter with Your Thermostat

Air conditioning is a marvel of modern life, but there’s no need to cool down a house with no one is in it. With a programmable thermostat, you can set your home temperature to 85 degrees at the times you know you’re out of the house. You’ll be amazed how much money you save when you aren’t cooling an empty house.

Want even more savings? Invest in a smart thermostat that learns when you’re away and makes energy-saving adjustments for you!

Keep the Cool Air Moving

Want to get the most out of your A/C? Run your ceiling fan along with it. This will keep the cool air circulating through your living space. You might even find you don’t need to set your thermostat quite so low when the fans are spinning. That’s great for your bottom line.

Turn Up Your Fridge Temperature

Much like your water heater, your refrigerator can be adjusted if you’ll be away on vacation. Your food will still be safe to eat with a fridge set to 42 degrees and a freezer set to 5 degrees.

Tune Up Your HVAC Equipment

The best way to save serious money on your home energy bills this summer is by ensuring that your air conditioning equipment is working at peak efficiency. Efficient cooling systems cycle less often, which lowers your electricity bills.

The friendly HVAC experts at Roach Energy will ensure your equipment is working efficiently. They can also catch lingering issues before they turn into expensive repairs.

If you’re ready to have your current equipment tuned up — or you’re in the market for new energy-efficient appliances — contact us today. We’re ready to help!