Routine Heating and Cooling Maintenance: Is It Important?

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People sometimes ask us, “is a tune-up for my furnace, boiler or air conditioner really necessary every year?”

Our answer is always the same: YES!

Home HVAC equipment is a major investment for you as a homeowner, and like any investment, it needs to be protected. The best way to do that is to have professional heating or cooling service performed on your equipment every year.

Here are four important reasons to give your home comfort systems a little TLC with every turn of the calendar.

Four good reasons for seasonal HVAC TLC:

  1. More reliable equipment – About four out of the five air HVAC repairs are preventable; proper care will help you avoid inconvenient equipment breakdowns, and the potentially costly heating and air conditioning repairs that come with them.
  2. Lower bills – A well-maintained heating or cooling system runs more efficiently, so you’ll save on your utility bills – often enough over the course of a single cooling season to pay for your annual tune-up.
  3. Longer system life – Replacing neglected heating and cooling equipment earlier than expected can be a drag – and a costly one, at that. Regular maintenance can add years to the life of your air conditioner, furnace, or boiler.
  4. Better air quality – A well-maintained HVAC system helps control humidity in your home, keeping air healthy and helping to prevent mold problems.

Roach Energy Service Plans: More than just annual service

Want even more bang for your maintenance buck? Consider a comprehensive Service Plan from Roach Energy.

We offer several plans for your needs and budget – whether you need to protect your oil or gas-powered home heating equipment or your central air conditioning system. All of our service plans include an annual tune-up and priority service, and some even offer free replacement of covered parts (others offer discounts on parts not covered).

Keep your heating and cooling equipment run better for longer – sign up for a Service Plan from Roach Energy today! Contact us to learn more about air conditioning maintenance and heating maintenance in Berkeley, Morgan, Jefferson, and Washington counties!