Is My Fuel Storage Tank the Right Size?

A Lot May Have Changed Since Your Current Tank Was Installed

fuel tank options west virginiaRoach Energy has almost 70 years of experience meeting the heating fuel needs of homes and businesses in our service area. We have a knowledgeable and trained staff who will make sure you get the right size propane or heating oil storage tank. We will then install your new tank and fuel lines safely and professionally.

Propane Tank Sizes

When choosing a new propane tank for you, factors we consider include how many propane appliances you use, if you plan to add any in the future, and how often you want propane deliveries.

You can review the tank sizes we install here. We both sell and lease propane tanks. Talk with us to determine which is the right option for you.

Have Your Propane Needs Changed?

If you only need propane to fuel a few appliances in your home you’ll just need a smaller tank. But if you want to add propane appliances, such as a water heater and fireplace, or you’re thinking about converting your home heat to propane, talk with us about your tank size. You’ll most likely require a 500-gallon tank. This lets you store the large amount of propane that’s needed for whole-house heating

Please contact us if you think your propane usage will be going up or down, and we will help you choose the proper size of tank for your future fuel needs.

What Oil Tank Size Is Right for Your Home?

If you’re researching your options in new heating oil tanks, remember to consider the size of your tank and how many gallons it will hold. A lot may have changed since your current tank was installed.

For example, as your family grows, so does your energy consumption; better to plan for this in advance if you can.

Additionally, do you spend long stretches away from home? Do you have elderly relatives under your roof who prefer a warmer house? All of these factors affect the amount of heating oil you need – and how big your tank should be.

Different Sizes for Different Needs

The most common size for a residential heating oil tank size is 275 gallons. Some other common above-ground tanks include 288, 340, 420, 500, 550, 675, and 1,000 gallons.

An industry rule-of-thumb is that one or two-bedroom homes most often need a 275-gallon heating oil tank; three- or four-bedroom homes typically need a 300- to 500-gallon tank.

Once you’ve thought about these sizing factors, you’ll have a better idea where to begin your search for a heating oil tank upgrade. To learn more, including how oil storage tanks have vastly improved over the years, please contact your friends at Roach Energy.

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