3 Types Of Propane Hearths For The Home

propane hearth optionsNothing takes the edge off winter quite like sitting beside a roaring hearth – something we humans have been doing for a long, long time. But for many people today, the inconvenience of preparing for and cleaning up after a wood fire leads them to skip the simple pleasures of a cozy fire altogether.

Thanks to propane, you can enjoy the relaxing benefits of a fireside living without the hassles – and installing a propane hearth is more affordable than you think. But what options are available for your propane fireplace installation? Let’s take a look.

Propane Hearth Installation Options

When it comes to propane hearths, you have three broad categories to choose from:

Choosing between these is mostly a matter of preference and budget – to learn more about propane hearth possibilities, contact one of the experts at Roach Energy today.

Get all the benefits of a roaring fire with none of the hassles or mess. Contact Roach Energy today for a FREE estimate on a propane fireplace installation in West Virginia or western Maryland!