Five Clues Your Water Heater May Be Giving You

Is Your Water Heater Nearing Its Retirement?

water heater installation west virginiaSaying goodbye isn’t easy, especially to major home appliances that are expensive to replace. It’s little surprise, then, that many homeowners put off replacing their water heaters until they break down completely. This is not a great policy. If your water heater dies suddenly, you might end up with water damage.

Just as concerning, no hot water means that no one in your house will be able to shower while you wait for a replacement.

What To Watch For

To avoid this unfortunate fate, you should look out for the warning signs that your water heater needs to be replaced.

1. It’s older than ten years

They say age is just a number, but when it comes to water heaters, that number matters quite a bit. These appliances don’t last too much longer than a decade. If you’ve had your water heater ten years or older, it’s nearing the end of its life.

2. Your hot water isn’t lasting as long

Water heaters become less effective as they age. They also lose capacity as sediment builds inside them. As a result, they produce less hot water. If the back half of your showers is lukewarm, that’s a sign that your water heater can’t keep up with your home’s needs. The good news is that once you replace it, your showers will be much more pleasant!

3. You see puddles and rust

Every water heater tank has something called an anode rod. This rod runs the length of the tank and is composed of aluminum, magnesium or zinc. Its job is to attract minerals in water that otherwise would corrode the inside of your heater. Over time, the rod becomes spent. After that, your water tank may begin to rust.

It’s not long before the tank develops abrasions and small holes. When you begin seeing puddles near the base of your water heater or rusty water coming from its tap, then it’s just about time to consider replacing the appliance.

4. It’s making weird noises

A new water heater makes very little noise. However, when rust and sediment begin forming in an old unit, you will hear clanging and rumbling inside. These weird noises are an early sign that your water heater is nearing retirement.

5. You’re calling in too many repairs

Roach Energy’s expert service technicians love seeing our valued eastern Panhandle customers, but it’s not a good sign if we see you too often for your water heater. If your unit needs more than two repair visits per year, you should start shopping for a new one.

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