Choosing Between Propane and Electricity

Which home energy is more affordable, efficient and eco-friendly

propane vs electricity west virginia Heating, hot water, cooking, drying clothes — when you add all these daily activities together, you end up with a considerable percentage of your home’s energy use. So, it only makes sense that the homeowners we talk to in Berkeley, Morgan, Jefferson and Washington County want to choose the best energy source.

Both electricity and propane can power a home’s heat and appliance, but they don’t do it equally well. Propane is more efficient, affordable and versatile. It’s also greener than electricity!

1. Propane does more around your home.

While it’s true that both propane and electricity can power home heating, water heaters, ranges, ovens and dryers, propane can do a lot more. Consider these propane appliances that improve your home and sometimes even boast its value:

2. Propane saves you money.

Customers want to know if propane is less expensive than electricity. It can be challenging to compare the two because you pay for electricity by the kilowatt-hour (kWh) and propane by the gallon. Still, you can compare their rates using this metric: the energy produced by 1 gallon of propane equals 27 kWh of electricity.

However, comparing the cost of energy production doesn’t account for propane’s superior efficiency.

3. Propane equipment is much more efficient.

Propane-fired heating equipment can reach fuel efficiencies as high as 98 percent, and they’re much more effective at keeping you warm. Propane furnaces heat air to 140 degrees regardless of how cold it is outside. Electric heat pumps struggle to make rooms comfortable when the weather is below freezing.
Propane equipment is almost universally more efficient than electric equipment:

4. Propane is there when you need it.

All-electric households are at the mercy of a power grid that is more fragile and unreliable than ever before. In fact, the U.S. Energy Information Administration recently found that Americans faced the most time without electricity on record.

With propane, you have your own dedicated fuel supply with a propane tank on your property.

5. Propane is green.

Some people claim that electric heat and appliances are totally green. But the facts say otherwise. U.S. electricity generation relies on fossil fuels like natural gas and coal. In 2021, 32 percent of American carbon emissions came from electricity generation.

Propane is not a greenhouse gas. It has a lower carbon intensity than most fuels (and grid electricity). Plus, it’s methane-free and contains almost no particulate matter, a known carcinogen.

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