How To Attach A Propane Cylinder To Your Grill

replacing grill tank Berkeley, wv When you have friends and family coming over for a spread of ribs, burgers or shrimp kabobs, you want to make sure you have adequate propane on hand to keep your grill sizzling. One of the reasons that propane is so popular as a barbecue fuel is how easy it is to store and transport.

In addition to providing the most dependable propane delivery in the Eastern Panhandle region, Roach Energy also helps households exchange and refill portable propane cylinders. Here are some tips for attaching propane grill tanks.

Swapping out your grill’s propane cylinder

Before you change propane cylinders on your grill, ensure that your grill is turned off and that the current cylinder’s valve is closed.

Removing the old cylinder

  1. Unscrew your grill’s pressure regulator by turning it to the left.
  2. If your grill has a restraining bolt, loosen it to remove the tank.
  3. Take the current cylinder out of the storage compartment.

Attaching the new cylinder

  1. Slide your full cylinder into the grill’s storage compartment.
  2. If there is a restraining bolt, tighten it on the cylinder.
  3. Attach the pressure regulator to the cylinder valve and turn it to the right to tighten it all the way.

Once the propane cylinder is attached, we strongly recommend that you perform a simple leak test.

  1. Spray the tank’s valve and the grill’s regulator/hose with soapy water.
  2. Open the tank’s valve. If you see bubbles, there might be a leak or a loose connection.
  3. Close the valve, tighten all connections and open the valve again. If there are still bubbles, you might need to replace the hose or tank.

How much propane is in your tank?

If your grill doesn’t have a meter or scale, there are three easy ways to figure out how much propane is in your cylinder.

1. Weighing your tank

There is a marking on the cylinder’s neck that says TW (Tare Weight) and a number. This tells you the weight of an empty cylinder. You will also see a marking saying WC (Water Capacity). This tells how many pounds of propane the container can hold. If you weigh the cylinder, then deduct the TW and divide the resulting number by the WC, you’ll know how full the tank is as a percentage.

2. The hot water method

Propane absorbs heat. Pour hot water over the side of your cylinder, then run your hand down the metal. At a certain point, the metal will become cool, which is the fill line.

3. Using an external tank gauge

We can purchase a gauge that attaches to your cylinder’s valve. You can find digital and analog products. They will tell you how full the cylinder is and, in some cases, how much cooking time you have left!

Roach Energy is your portable grill tank connection!

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When you drop by to refill or exchange your cylinder, please do so right before heading home. You should never leave a full propane cylinder in your car for any length of time. Be sure also to transport your cylinders in a secure, upright position.

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