Get Off The Bill Paying Roller Coaster With Smart Budget And Pre-Buy

online fuel payment west virginiaA little certainty can go a long way these days, especially when it comes to our finances. The good news is you can get some of that certainty for FREE when you enroll in Smart Budget from Roach Energy.

If you been opting to pay as you go for your heating oil and propane deliveries over the years, you have probably experienced a bit of a rollercoaster ride with your fuel bills. That’s because you’re paying most of the annual cost to heat your home over the course of a few months, when temperatures in Maryland and West Virginia can drop quickly and cause our fuel use to skyrocket.

What Smart Budget Looks Like

If you were a Roach Energy Smart Budget customer, on the other hand, you’d have much more predictable heating bills from month to month. Here’s why: with Smart budget, we make an estimate of your heating oil or propane use based on your past bills, then divide that total into 11 easy monthly installments (we can make small adjustments – up or down – as needed). That means fewer surprises in your mailbox next winter.

The best part about Smart Budget from Roach Energy? It’s FREE. There are no finance charges, no hidden fees, and you will never pay for oil or propane you don’t use.

Make Bills Even More Predictable With Prebuy

Want to make your fuel bills even more predictable in 2021-22? Take advantage of our Prebuy option.

With Prebuy, you’ll lock in a preseason price for all the fuel you buy in advance. While we can’t guarantee that pre-buying fuel will save you money, fuel prices almost always rise as demand increases later in the season. Prebuy is offered before October 1, but the closer you get to heating season, the higher the price tends to be.

Will call customers: Enrollment in Smart Budget from Roach Energy is underway for 2021-22! Contact us today to learn more about how you can make fuel bills more predictable and less stressful in the year to come.