Is Your Home Cooling System Ready for Summer?

8 Signs That You Should Call In A Pro

central air repair west virginiaWe’re well into spring, and hopefully, you and your family are enjoying a little break from extreme temperatures. Even so, summer will arrive in the Eastern Panhandle before you know it.

Is your air conditioning ready for the sweltering summer? If your central air conditioning or ductless mini-split units are getting old, spring is the perfect time to contact the pros at Roach Energy to look at your equipment.

Here are some warning signs that your A/C might not be ready for the heat.

Indicators that Your Cooling System is Struggling

Even a professionally-installed cooling system has a limited lifespan, generally around 12-15 years. Your equipment also loses up to 30 percent efficiency after 10 years of use. You can tell your system is struggling if you detect:

  1. Weak or warm airflow from your vents
  2. Uneven cooling throughout your home
  3. Dust and debris coming from your vents
  4. Odd noises, like grinding, scraping, squealing, popping and rattling
  5. Burnt or musty odors
  6. Fluid leaks
  7. Humidity inside your home
  8. Higher energy bills, even though your usage and electric rates haven’t increased

If you notice any of these eight warning signs, contact us to check out your equipment.

Roach Energy Can Get Your A/C Humming

It’s essential to have your cooling equipment serviced each year to keep it running efficiently and to comply with your manufacturer’s warranty.

Our skilled, friendly HVAC professionals have experience working with central A/C and ductless mini-splits. The maintenance and repair service we provide will have your equipment operating at peak efficiency. Not only will your home be more comfortable, but your electric bills will probably go down since your A/C won’t need to cycle as often.

If your air conditioning is at the end of its lifespan, we can also help you find the best replacement system for your family’s needs and budget.

Finally, the best way to ensure that your cooling system gets regular, comprehensive maintenance is to select one of Roach Energy’s A/C service plans. When your equipment is covered, you’ll receive free annual service and primary service coverage. When there are repairs to be done, you won’t pay a dime for some parts and receive considerable discounts on others. You can also get credits for consecutive years of plan enrollment.

Don’t delay — this is the perfect time to have your A/C equipment serviced. Become a customer today!