What Is The Best Thermostat Setting For The Summer?

summer thermostat setting west virginia

When it comes to money-saving tips, one of the lowest-hanging fruits on the energy efficiency tree is using a programmable thermostat: set it properly and you’ll save as much as 10 percent or more on your monthly home energy costs without any effort.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t taking advantage of that savings: a study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab showed that nine out of ten Americans say they’ve rarely or never programmed their thermostat – mostly because they don’t know how to do it.

If you’re in that majority, it’s worth taking a few minutes (while we all have some extra time on our hands) to get to know your programmable or smart thermostat – or, if you don’t have one, to have one installed. Used correctly, it will pay for itself in the first year you own it.

Best settings for your thermostat

Once you know how to use your thermostat, the U.S Department of Energy suggests the following settings for the best balance of comfort and savings:

Summer months (when using air conditioning):

Heating months:

In general:

Be smart with your thermostat and save on your energy bills! Want to save even more? Contact us today to learn about high-efficiency home comfort equipment installation options for your West Virginia or western Maryland home.

* If you have smart thermostat, you can control your home’s temperature from your phone or pad.