Is Your Air Conditioning Efficient?

Practical Tips to Keep Your Home Cool & Energy Bills Low

efficient a/c west virginiaIn the blink of an eye, that pleasantly warm Eastern Panhandle weather can turn sweltering hot. Is your air conditioning equipment up to the task?

Home cooling equipment can lose up to 30 percent of its efficiency after a decade of use. If your A/C is struggling, you might notice warm spots throughout your home, odors coming from your vents, deteriorating indoor air quality, and your energy bills going through the roof.

Luckily, there are some steps you can take to improve your cooling system’s efficiency. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can call in the friendly HVAC experts at Roach Energy.

A/C Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

You can fix many causes of inefficient home cooling on your own. Simple, inexpensive in-home HVAC maintenance can do wonders for your electricity costs and comfort. Here are four easy home A/C fixes.

Check your air filter — When your filters are clogged, it stifles airflow and forces your A/C to run longer. Check your filter every three months or monthly if you have a pet.

Inspect your vents — Make sure your vents aren’t obstructed by dust, debris, rugs or furniture. An unobstructed vent means a cooler living space.

Clear your condenser — Your outdoor condenser unit needs to be clear of leaves, branches and refuse. There’s a good chance these collected in the winter. Clear them away and make sure there’s no damage to your condenser.

Invest in a smart thermostat — Your A/C might be working overtime when you’re asleep or not at home. A smart thermostat will turn off your cooling system when no one’s home, saving money on your electricity bills and reducing HVAC wear and tear.

Call in the Pros at Roach Energy

While there’s a lot you can do by yourself to keep your A/C humming efficiently, sometimes you need help from professionals. That’s where Roach Energy can help!

Our expert technicians have extensive experience with both central air systems and mini-split ductless equipment. It’s a good idea to get a tune-up annually, and our team can get your equipment working at peak efficiency. And if it’s time to retire your old cooling system, we can help you find a new A/C solution tailored to your home’s needs. We install and service systems from leading manufacturers like Carrier, Trane and Luxaire.

We also recommend getting an A/C Service Plan for your existing equipment or anything we install. With this coverage, your cooling system receives free annual service and primary service coverage; plus, you can save money on repairs.

With Roach Energy as your partner, your home can stay cool and comfortable all summer long. Contact us today to arrange a service appointment.